Raptor Rehab is an organization located in the Kingdom of Bahrain, dedicated to the preservation and conservation of indigenous birds of prey and their habitats through rescue efforts, research, and conservation education. We work closely with local rescue groups and often rehabilitate injured raptors from cruel housing facilities or illegal markets. In addition, we visit schools and participate in community events to teach the importance of conservation and repopulating the indigenous birds of prey.

More over, we have realized that there is a deeper need for active conservation when it comes to specific locally endangered raptors such as the Lanner Falcon, the Lesser Kestrel and resident Barn owls.


Raptors Soaring Free


Raptor Rehab is a non profit organization that is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of all types of birds of prey found in Middle-Eastern region. We intend to establish and operate several conservation programs dedicated to the preservation and repopulation of birds of prey native to the region. Moreover, The Raptor Rehab Charity Organization is planning to own and operate a number of profitable businesses to help fund the organizations’ programs and projects.

Rescue Rehab Release

Rescuing birds from cruelty and damage to habitat

Rehabilitating birds from injury and illness unnatural events

Rehabilitating to optimal health

Releasing healthy birds to their natural environment Education


  • To create multiple channels for the public to report incidents of cruelty involving a bird of prey.
  • Restore the native bird of prey population.
  • Rescue birds of prey in need of help.
  • In coordination with local authorities to aid in raids on facilites that house native birds of prey illegally.
  • Lobbying with local authorities to create legislation, procedures and laws criminalizing illegal sale and housing of native birds of prey.